Guinea pigs

Yesterday we welcomed two new additions to Lions and Tigers.

Yes we have Guinea pigs!

We needed to give them names, so we wrote our suggestions on bits of paper and put them in a pot.

This morning we took one name from the Tigers pot and the other name from the Lions pot.

So we are pleased to introduce

Ginger and Rosie.

Fidget Spinners

Following the children’s interest in fidget spinners we have decided to use them in maths next week, we will be instigating how long they spin for, whose spins the longest, favorite colour and so much more.

We have asked the children to bring them in their book bags next week only. They will be encouraged to keep them inside at lunch but it would help (as it does with anything that comes into school) if they could be named.

As you can see we have some spare, so if you do not have one or would prefer to borrow one at school you can. Please do not rush out and buy one.

Good work certificate

Keiran took his writing to show Mr White, the grown ups were all really proud of his writing.


Congratulations to Noah, Arthur and Samuel.


Well done Ophelia, Lily-Kate, Erin, Arthur, Emily J and Chaley who have completed word wheels and spellings and are moving on to the next part. Now let’s use our new knowledge in our reading and writing.


The Lions and Tigers have made a wormery, we have observed what happened within in and released the worms today.

To make the wormery we needed –

a plastic bottle (we used 2 litre ones)

scissors (to cut the top of the bottle off)





black paper and tape

Lions and Tigers 5 team points for explaining how we made the wormery. Why not also let everyone know what you found out while looking at the wormery?


Well done Ryan, Harrison-Jay, Millie, Oliver, Evie, James, Lewis and Olivia

Potteric Carr

After a wonderful day at Potteric Carr on Thursday the Tigers talked about what they enjoyed. I can’t believe how much they were lucky enough to see and do.

These Lions have been working hard reading and spelling to achieve their certificates and move on to the next stage of their learning. Well done

Attendance certificates


Impressed with these children who have never had a day off school! Wow well done